The roof had multiple leaks starting with heater stack units installed to close to the valleys of the roof. This caused major leaks over the years. We had to hire a licensed mechanical company remove the stacks out away from the valley into a better location. The roof did not have a over hang on the eave of the roof which was causing leaks during ice damming and when gutters were not draining properly water would get into the windows and create leaks. We then had to hire an architect because the township required engineered drawings to extend the eaves.


Installed 2x6x3 feet to extend the roof out for a 1ft overhang. Installed 5/8 CDX plywood where necessary. Installed GAF Lifetime Fox Hollow Grey shingles. Installed fully vented white soffit with custom capping on all eaves and rake boards. Installed 6in gutters and 3×4 spouts. Now the roof has the proper overhang and ventilation needed to function properly.